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NvSCA Bylaws


Nevada School Counselor Association (NvSCA)

Article I

Name and Purpose

Section 1: Name

The name of the association shall be the Nevada School Counselor Association (NvSCA), a state division of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA).

Section 2: Purpose

The purpose of the association shall be:

   a. to facilitate communication among all professional school counselors in the state of Nevada.

   b. to foster a closer professional relationship among elementary, middle/junior high, secondary and post-secondary school personnel

        responsible for counseling  and guidance services.

   c. to promote awareness and implementation of ASCA’s national model.

   d. to actively participate in the research and development of guidance and counseling at the local, state, and national levels.

   e. to serve as a state organization concerned with the needs of all professional school counselors in Nevada.

   f. to advocate at the legislative level for the promotion of the professional school counselor as an integral part of the educational process of

        Nevada’s students.

   g. to foster relationships with state and local education associations to advocate for all professional school counselors as part of the educational


   h. to promote the legal and ethical standards established by ASCA. 

Article II


Section 1: Types of Membership

NvSCA shall have four types of membership: professional, retired, student, and affiliate.

Section 2: Requirements of Membership

In order to qualify for one of the four types of membership, an individual shall meet the following requirements for the membership being sought:

   a. Professional Membership. Professional members must hold a master’s degree or higher in counseling or a related field and meet one or more 

        of the following requirements: be credentialed as a school counselor by a state, district or territory of the United States; be employed as a

        school counselor or supervisor of school counselors; or be employed as a counselor educator in a post-secondary institution.

   b. Retired Membership. Professional members may become retired members. Retired members shall be entitled to reduced annual dues.

   c. Student Membership. Student members shall be enrolled part or full time in a Master’s Counseling program. Proof of enrollment status must

        be provided.

   d. Affiliate Membership. Individuals interested in counseling, not eligible for any other type of membership, may be Affiliate members.

Section 3: Dues

Dues shall be set by NvSCA’s Executive Board for all categories of membership.

Section 4: Rights and Privileges

Only professional and retired members of NvSCA may vote on matters that come before the association and be eligible to hold elected office in the association.

Section 5: Nondiscrimination

The Nevada School Counselor Association does not knowingly engage in or support activities that discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, affectional or sexual orientation, disability, or age.

Section 6: Severance of Membership

Association members may be dropped from membership for: nonpayment of dues; revocation of license, credential or certification; or violation of the American School Counselor Association’s Ethical Standards for School Counselors.

Article III


Section 1: Officers and Terms of Office

   a. The officers of NvSCA shall be the president, president-elect, past president, two regional vice presidents, one rural representative, secretary,

        treasurer, one legislative liaison, and level representative(s)(if needed).

   b. All officers of NvSCA, with the exception of the president, level representative, legislative liaison, treasurer and past treasurer, will be elected

        annually. Treasurer will be elected biannually.

   c. The position of president-elect will alternate each year between the Western Region and the Eastern Region.

   d. If any officer cannot complete his/her term, the Executive Board shall appoint a replacement for the remainder of the year with the exception

        of the president.

   e. The terms of president and president-elect shall run for one year. The president-elect shall automatically become president of NvSCA one

        year after the commencement of his/her term as president-elect, or upon the death, resignation, or other incapacity of the president. In the

        event a president-elect shall resign or be unable to complete the president’s unexpired term, the Immediate Past President shall assume the

        position as president until the Executive Board appoints a qualified member to fill any such vacancy.

   f. The immediate past president shall serve for one year, following the expiration of his/her term as president.

   g. The treasurer shall serve a term of two years, and one year as past treasurer.

   h. The level representative(s) will be appointed by the Executive Board for any level (elementary, middle/junior high, secondary and post

        secondary) not represented on the Executive Board.

   i. The legislative liaison will be appointed by the NvSCA Executive Board.

   j. An elected officer shall not be a candidate for re-election to the same office for more than 2 consecutive terms.

   k. The term of office for any elected officer shall coincide with the fiscal year of NvSCA (June 16 – June 15).

Section 2: Duties of Officers

   a. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Board, call special meetings, authorize the treasurer to pay

        bills within the limits of the budget between meetings of the Executive Board; and with the approval of the Executive Board, appoint all

        committees. The president shall serve as a delegate to the ASCA Delegate Assembly. The president shall perform the duties customary to

        that of the office and any additional duties as directed by the Executive Board. Further, the President shall have the power to appoint, with

        Board approval, any member to act in his/her stead as representative of the Association in any organization or coalition to which the

        Association is allied.

   b. In the absence of the President, the President Elect shall perform the duties of the President. The President Elect shall become familiar with

        the work of this Association in preparation for the term of President. The President Elect shall be the second delegate to any national

        convention or assembly at which the organization is represented; and shall act as second representative of ASCA. The President Elect shall

        maintain a list of county contacts (one per county) that serve as communication links to all school counselors in their respective counties.

   c. The Immediate Past President shall preside over meetings of the Association and the governing board in the absence of the President and

        President Elect; and shall facilitate the Nominations and Elections process.

   d. The Secretary shall record and report all official proceedings of the Association and its Executive Board. The secretary shall handle

        correspondence pertaining to the Association, and perform such other duties as are incidental to this office.

   e. The Treasurer shall receive and disperse all money belonging to the Association, deposit all receipts in the depository designated by the

        Executive Board; keep an account of all receipts and expenditures; and present in writing a financial report at each Executive Board meeting

        and at the end of the fiscal year. The Treasurer shall prepare the account for audit annually.

   f. The Immediate Past Treasurer shall serve as a resource for the Treasurer in matters concerning the duties of the office of Treasurer.

   g. The Regional Vice Presidents shall be responsible specifically for disseminating information, generating interest, promoting activities and

        representing the interests of the geographic area they represent.

   h. The Rural Representative shall provide a voice to the Executive Board that represents the needs, interests, and perspective of rural

        counselors across the state and encourage participation of rural counselors.

   i. The Legislative Liaison shall keep abreast of current state and national issues that affect school counseling and advise the Executive Board.

   j. The Level representative positions are elementary, middle/junior high, secondary and post secondary. The Board members along with any

        appointees will serve as level representatives. They will be responsible for supporting and generating interest and activities within their

        respective level settings.

   k. All officers shall be familiar with the responsibilities listed in these by-laws and in their respective job descriptions.

   l. All members of the Executive Board must hold membership in ASCA.  

Article IV

Executive Board

Section 1: Function of Executive Board

The Executive Board shall be the agency through which the administrative function of the Association shall be implemented.

Section 2: Composition of Executive Board

All elected and appointed officers will make up the Executive Board: president elect, president, immediate past president, secretary, treasurer, past treasurer, regional vice presidents, rural representative and legislative liaison.

Section 3: Voting of the Executive Board

   a. A quorum shall consist of a minimum of 4 voting members of the Executive Board.

   b. Each member of the Executive Board shall be entitled to one vote, with the exception of the president, who shall vote only in the event of a

        tie. Members must be present to vote.

Section 4: Meetings of the Executive Board

There shall be at least three meetings of the Executive Board during the year. The number of meetings is not restricted.  

Article V


Section 1: Committees

With the approval of the Executive Board, the President shall form committees, appoint committee chairs, and appoint committee members to serve during the President's Term of Office.

Article VI

Nominations and Elections

Section 1: Nominations of Officers

The Executive Board shall issue a call to all members of the Association for the nomination of officers for the following year. Announcement of nomination procedures and appropriate forms will be published in the Nevada School Counselor Association Newsletter, the NvSCA web site, by mail or electronically.

Section 2: Election of Officers

The immediate past president and one member of the Executive Board shall prepare a ballot of qualified candidates for each elected office and send a ballot every member of the Association by mail or electronically.

Section 3: Voting for Officers

Officers shall be elected annually either by paper or electronic ballot mailed to all members. The ballots shall be counted by the members of the Executive Board. Individuals elected to the office shall be notified by the Executive Board of their selection at the annual Association meeting. Regional Vice Presidents and the Rural Representative will be voted on only by their respective constituents.

Section 4: Vacancies

If any officer elected should be unable to assume office prior to the Association’s Fiscal year or to complete the term of that office, the Executive Board shall have the authority to fill any vacancy for which there are not other provisions.

Article VII

Annual Meeting

Section 1: Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Association shall be held in conjunction with the State Conference or at a place designated by the Executive Board. A quorum shall consist of voting members of the Association who are present.

Article VIII

Fiscal Year

Section 1: Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall run from June 16 to June 15.

Article IX


Section 1: Finances

The Executive Board shall determine the method of financing the Association.

Membership dues, recommended by the NvSCA Executive Board shall be paid annually.

The Executive Board, by a majority vote shall approve the annual budget of the association. The President or Executive Board shall authorize the expenditure of all association funds.

Article X

Parliamentary Authority

Section 1: Parliamentary Authority

The business of the Association shall be conducted by consensus of the Executive Board except where otherwise specified in these by-laws.

Article XI


Section 1: Indemnification

The Executive Board shall determine and implement guarantees for the indemnification of each of its officers in keeping with ASCA recommendations in so far as may be appropriate and feasible for the Association.

Article XII

Amendments and Revisions

Section 1: Amendments and Revisions

Amendments or changes in these bylaws may be made through the following procedure:

   a. The Executive Board or any member of the Association may propose amendments.

   b. Proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Board.

   c. The Executive Board shall review proposed amendments at least thirty (30) days prior to presentation for vote.

   d. A copy of proposed amendments shall be provided to each member of the Association at least ten (10) days prior to the vote or, alternately, a

        ballot may be enclosed with the proposed amendments.

   e. Voting on proposed amendments shall be made at the annual meeting, or by electronic or mailed ballot. A simple majority of members who

        vote shall be required for passage.

Section 2: Bylaw Review

Bylaws should be reviewed periodically to ascertain that they meet the Association's needs and correspond with ASCA Bylaws.

Article XIII

Dissolution of the Association

Section 1: Dissolution of Association

In the event of the dissolution of the Association all assets of the Association will be transferred to another non-profit group, which meets Nevada State and Federal regulations governing non-profit corporations, as determined by the Executive Board.

Dates of Revision(s):

March 15, 2005

June 22, 2005

August 26, 2006

April 30, 2009

October 27, 2010

January 20, 2014

Revised by:

John Chilman, NvSCA President

Rebecca Cameron, NvSCA President-Elect

Harmony Whittmayer, NvSCA Eastern Region VP

Andy Haycock, NvSCA Western Region VP

Matthew Schottel, NvSCA Rural Representative

Regina James, NvSCA Secretary

Kathy Archuleta, NvSCA Treasurer

Revised 2014.1.20 

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